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"Teach Thurrock" is a school based ITE programme which offers you the experience of working within a thriving and successful urban context and the opportunity to teach in two of the cluster schools. You will experience teaching in different settings and will deepen your understanding of a range of educational contexts. A large proportion of your training will be in classrooms. You will be mentored by subject specialists who are practising teachers in the schools as well as by experts from The University of Greenwich.

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"Teach Thurrock" offers an enhanced Professional Studies programme with trainees from all our schools coming together each week to study through a research based curriculum. With the unique guidance of the Dilkes Academy, trainees will use action based research to develop into outstanding teachers of the future. In turn, you will be part of a wider support network where you will have opportunities to share ideas and strategies with fellow trainees.

There is high quality subject mentoring in the cluster and mentors also come together to share good practice and have support networks which further enhance the quality of the mentoring you receive. Mentors also have opportunities to work with colleagues at Greenwich in order to further refine mentoring skills.

"Teach Thurrock" will enable you to learn deeply about teaching in an urban context and you will be part of the clusters of school’s community from the outset. "Teach Thurrock" is part of the Teaching Agency's School Direct programme whereby schools recruit trainee teachers directly and partner with a Higher Education Institution to devise a bespoke Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programme